5 Tips On How To Handle Your Physics Homework Without Trouble

Follow these tips and you should find that you can do your physics homework without stress.

  1. Take notes during class. Make it a habit to take a few notes during class. These notes should include the focus of the lesson as well as any thought you have about linking the work to other topics. Try to keep your notes in one place that is easily accessible (don’t use pieces of paper that can be hard to keep track of).
    • Jot down ideas that you have about particular projects
    • Ideas for extension projects.
    • Topics that you may require more information about.
  2. Before you leave the class make sure you know exactly what the homework question/project entails. If you are not sure what you have to do, ask the tutor before you leave the classroom. Also make sure that you have the following information.
    • The date the homework needed to be submitted.
    • The length or word count for the homework and the form of presentation.
    • Check on any additional resources that you may need.
  3. Before you start your homework make sure that you have all the equipment (pens, books etc. that you need to complete your work). This part is all about making sure that you have all the equipment you need and any creatures comforts that help you to concentrate such as a snack or music. The more effort that you put into planning the more likely you are to complete your work efficiently.
    • Minimise distractions. If you work best when you have music playing that is OK, but trying to study when the television is on can be a visual distraction and it will be very hard for you to stay on task.
    • Turn your cell phone off. Again this can be too distracting. If some needs you then they can leave a message.
    • Make sure that the other people in your home know that you are studying.
  4. Make a list of the information that you need to find out more about. If you have a list of the additional information that you need then you will be less likely to just surf online and get distracted.
    • List the concepts and note key words that you need to use.
    • Do you have any of the information already in class notes or hand-outs?
    • Has your tutor put any additional notes on the school web-site?
  5. Take a short break – go back to your work and read through.
    • Plan your breaks, it helps you stay focussed.
    • Be realistic as to how long the homework will actually take you. if the tutor says it should take you an hour, then allow yourself 1 ½ - 2 hours to complete.
    • Always take a break before you go back to your work to proofread and perform any editing.

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