Dealing With Homework In College: How To Manage Your Time

Now that you are in college a lot of things are going to change. Some will be good changes, and the others will be changes that you may wish hadn’t happened. You will have more freedom, but you will also have more work. So how to you get all of this work done in a timely fashion? Here are a few things that you can do to help you manage your time best.

What to Do

  • Get a planner
  • Do assignments in order
  • Map out study time

Get a Planner

There are a lot of homework planners out there now. You can get a physical day planner or homework planner or you can get an app that does the same thing. Whichever you think will work best for you is the kind you should have. These really help. Every time you are given an assignment simply write it down on the day it is due. This will allow you to see how much time you have to do each assignment clearly. Also, map out when you will work on them to have extra help from this planner.

Do Assignments in Order

Now that you have everything in your planner you should do the assignment due the soonest first. Doing them in order should give you enough time to do them all on time. The big things like large papers or projects need to be done a little bit every day. This information should also go in your planner. Since these assignments take more time, you should set aside a block of time every day to work on them. If you have more than one of these then again, start with what you need to hand in first but work on both a little at a time so you don’t have to cram last minute.

Map Out Study Time

It is important that you have time just set aside to study for tests or papers. Research and studying are just as important as the rest of the work you do in college. The material is harder so you may need more time to study. Find out how long it takes you, on average, to study for a test each day and set that time aside in your planner as well. You don’t want only to study the day before the test so takes time every day for a little studying.

College is a very different experience than high school. Everything seems to move so much faster in college, and you find that you have a lot less time that you thought you would. Time management is very important to the success. If you do all of these things then you should get through it all in one piece. You also can get a quick assignment help and manage your time more effectively.

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