Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homework: Expert Opinion

Homework offers good and not so good reasons for its existence. At one point it was seen as something that can help students do better in class. Now it is seen as a waste of time when you have a full schedule of other activities to complete when you are not in class. Yet, because of its benefits and how schools still have requirements in place for certain amounts of work required to be completed by students, a number of school districts still give out homework. This is a good time to explore pros and cons and whether more districts should consider eliminating the chore altogether.

Homework Assignments Can Be Good Forms of Practice and Responsibility

Homework can help students practice being responsible for a task. This shows maturity when they are able to finish it on their own and make it a priority to complete on a time schedule. Many students juggle their time with homework along with other responsibilities such as a part-time job, babysitting or afterschool sports.

Students May Have a Hard Time Completing Homework Due to Lack of Time

Students may have ability to multi-task but for some this may not be possible do to time limitations. There are students that admit they are not good with time. They may wait until the last minute to get the work done or may decide to skip the assignment if they didn’t have time to complete it.

Assignments Can Help Students Get Better Grades

School assignments completed at home can help students get better grades. They have another opportunity to work on the assignment as a form of practice for the subject matter. This makes sense when students use assignments to improve their grade or when they have just learned a new skill. There are times such assignments can make subject matter easier for students to complete on their own.

While Homework Is Meant to Be Helpful Students May Not View It Seriously

Many students don’t look at this type of work seriously. They may not take time to complete the work on their own. They may have issues with putting their priorities in line. Some students feel they don’t have time for such work at all or they feel it is pointless when they have been in class most of the day learning about the subject.

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