Helpful Directions On How To Do Homework When Not Motivated


Whether you are a young school goer or a Post-Graduation student, home work is one thing which no student can really avoid. And so there are bound to be times when you really just don’t feel like doing it, there is just no motivation.

Overcoming demotivation

Like all things in life, we can all work around this problem as well if we have a little bit of will power and mental strength. Here are some practical suggestions to motivate yourself to get homework done.

  • The first way is to divide the home work into logical groups – home work can get boring, so it is important that the work is split into small segments which can be completed in one sitting. Take a small break once you have completed this small segment of work.
  • Work as a team is another way if your homework is huge and monotonous, it could get difficult to complete the same alone without being completely demotivated or lost at times. If you have a good friend or peer with the same homework try to work in tandem and complete the homework as a team.
  • Make it a point to have a semi-formal setting for the homework. Collaborate on the homework but do not turn it into a gossip session.
  • Try to do something that charges you up in other words get that blood flowing through your body and more importantly your brain. It would obviously differ from person to person, but typically it could be doing something which charges you mentally or physically. Some people like to go to the gym and burn the calories, some like taking a simple nap or a stroll. For others it could be meeting up or calling a close friend you haven’t chatted in a while.
  • Take care of your self- Manage your body and mind better. Set up a regular schedule, including sleep schedule. Remember it is not just the amount of sleep but also the quality of sleep that counts. Eat healthy and regularly. Junk food, soda and sugary desserts may need to get regulated. Everyone likes that hot cup of today’s brew, but remember everything has to be in moderation.
  • Gain appreciation – the biggest motivating factor for all of us is recognition and appreciation. Pat yourself on the back on the successful completion of your homework if no one is around to appreciate your good work. Reward yourself with some extra time on the social media or an extra hour of sleep if the schedule allows.

In conclusion, while home work can get monotonous and demotivating, it is possible, through small steps to get motivated and complete the home work in time meeting the expected quality norms.

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