Creative Homework Ideas: Where to look for Inspiration

A teacher loves nothing more than a creative student. If you are left to pick your homework assignments in different subject, you should have fun. You should find what you like about the subject and do it. Listed below you will find some creative homework ideas for different subjects.

Nightly Assignments with a Fresh Approach

  • Physics: For fun physics work, look around in your kitchen and at your local theme park. The options for inspiration at these two places are endless. Prepare a cake from beginning to end noting the times when you used physics. Or make a model of a roller coaster and describe the use of physics.
  • Poetry: Consider looking at pomes that were written by someone other than dead, white men. Look at current trending poets and also consider singers and songwriters. Then write a sonnet about these new poets and their works.
  • Math: If you love sports, then you can have tons of fun working with math and sports. It is used in baseball, football, swimming, track, basketball, polo, and many other sports. Make a program, like a sporting one, which includes all the statistics of your favorite player.
  • History: History loves to repeat itself, so find examples of this and write about it. Make a collage of the picture, which represent these events.
  • World History: explore the history of terrorists groups. Put together an interactive timeline of these groups.
  • Native American History: Make a tri-fold brochure that uses text and photos to describe the history, culture, clothing, famous people, and location of a tribe.
  • Literature: After studying folk tales and legend write and illustrate your own story.
  • Law: Make a cartoon board of an important case study. Also, feel free to get case study assignment help online if you are feeling stuck.
  • Sociology: Make compliment cards and give them to your friends the next day at school. Watch and note their reactions. Encourage your friends to give the cads to other friends. Keep the compliment card cycle going.
  • Chorus or Band: Consider taking our talents to a local retirement or nursing home. You will make a lot of people very happy with your actions.
  • Art: Take your art to the streets at local parks. Draw people, dogs, and events as you visit the park. Then put the drawings in book form to tell a story.
  • Speech and Debate: Act out local politicians in pretend debates. Then culminate the activity with a presidential debate.

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